How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog: Ultimate Strategies From Top Nigerian Blogs!

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic

How to increase your blog traffic. [inlinetweet prefix=”Blog Traffic:” tweeter=”tweet” suffix=””]This is the holy grail of blogging[/inlinetweet]. If you’re able to find a sustainable and scalable strategy to grow your site’s visit, you are on your way to blogging stardom.

I was talking to a blogger friend recently. And the question that keeps coming up is;

  • How do we grow our blog readers?
  • How do we build a sustainable and engaged audience?

We talked about different strategies and tools to use.

Later in the day, while replaying our conversation in my mind. I kept asking myself;

Why do we have to reinvent the wheel?
Are there no successful blogs we can learn from?

Researching on strategies on how to increase traffic to a website, I found other bloggers asking the same question.

I am not alone. This motivated me and I wanted to answer that question.

I’m guessing you are here, because you need answers to this question: “How to increase your blog traffic”.

But, how?

What we  need is not another long to-do list. We need someone to SHOW us how.

To tackle this challenge, I decided to:

  • Pick a niche.
  • Research the top performing blogs.
  • Analyse their top performing contents.
  • Implement the insights on my blog.
  • Rinse and Reuse.

This post is the result of that quest. I hope you find inspiration and new tips on how to increase your blog traffic organically.

NOTE: This is not an attempt to undermine anyone or blog. This is me learning from the giants. I am humbled by the fact that I don’t know. But, I’m willing to learn and share what I know with everyone.

Blog Niche


Parameters Measured

  • Content Popularity and Uniqueness.
  • Share by Average Length of Content.
  • Quality and Number of Backlinks.

In conducting this research, I compared popular blogs (Group A) VS Unpopular blogs (Group B) from the selected niche. The goal was to uncover the traffic strategy of the popular blogs and compare it with the unpopular ones.

Group A Blogs

In choosing these blogs I ensured that they are relatively new. According to the Whois data, they were registered last year 2015.

Group B Blogs

The top performing content of each blog was analyzed. To do this, I fired up BuzzSumo and keyed in the URL of each blog. I was able to uncover;

  • Popular blog post on each website,
  • Number of shares on Social Media,
  • and links on each page.

In estimating and analyzing the traffic to each blog; I launched Similarweb, a web app. The tool enabled  me to see in detail;

  • Sources of Traffic to each blog.
  • The percentage of traffic each source is contributing.
  • Country ranking of each blog.
  • Average monthly visits
  • Visitors’ behaviour on each blog.

Armed with this data, I calculated the averages for the two group of websites. And compared them to uncover where they differ.

Below is the summary of the research. To get detailed data of the research follow this link to download the spreadsheet.

Content Popularity and Uniqueness

Each blog’s top performing content was measured by how many Social shares it gathered at the time of research.

Comparing the two group of websites;

  • Group A has a total of 27.7K (Twenty-seven thousand seven hundred ) social shares across major social media platforms while Group B has only 950 (Nine hundred and fifty) social shares.
  • Both groups has an average of 9.23k and 316.67 social shares respectively.
  • Drilling further, Facebook accounts for over 83% of social shares for both groups. Hence emerging as the top engaging platform to share contents.
  • The Group B websites appears to give little attention to LinkedIn and completely ignored Pinterest. Interestingly, LinkedIn and Pinterest contributed 2.24% and 0.36% of the total social shares for Group A.

Is There A Relationship Between Length of Content And Social Shares?

Looking at the data, the audience of group A blogs seem to prefer posts in long-form.

For Group A blogs: Contents with word count between 1000-2000, 2000-3000, and 3000-10000 has 32.94%, 41.85%, and 14.16% of the total Shares of the group respectively. while posts with 0-1000 words has only 11.05% of the group’s social share.

For Group B blogs: Contents between 0-1000 words seem to perform better than ones with 2000-3000 words. At 28.93% and 19.93% respectively.

The “sweet-spot” for post length seems to be at the 2000-3000 word counts for both groups. With 41.85% and 42.45% respectively.

Don’t Ignore Linking To Relevant Sites

With over 3413 (three thousand four hundred and thirteen) UNIQUE links pointing to group A sites  and 877  unique links pointing to Group B sites, you can see why they are so popular in their niche.

Blog Traffic Strategy For Both Groups

With an average of 68.33K and 22.93K monthly blog visit to group A and B respectively. I bet you are itching to learn what strategy they used to get those massive traffic.

The Traffic source is classed into:

  • Search (Google, Bing,etc)
  • Direct  (Traffic through URL)
  • Referral (Traffic from other sites)
  • Social (Traffic from social media)
  • Mail (Subscribers)
  • Display (Ad)

Firstly, both group seem to shun Display as a source of traffic.This could be as a result of the cost of buying traffic compared to other sources.

Moving away from this convergence. It starts getting interesting, as each group showed how good they are, in driving traffic to their blogs.

Group A’s traffic profile look balanced and diversified. Although traffic from Search dominates with a little above the 50% mark. They were able to optimize other sources of traffic. Direct, Referral, Social, and Mail to contribute 49% of traffic.

However, when you compare this with Group B’s traffic profile you will observe a sharp contrast. Blogs in Group B rely heavily on traffic from Search Engines with over 97% of their visits coming from there. 1.9% from Direct, 0.1% form Social and 1% from Referrals while completely ignoring Mail.

Summary: How To Increase Your Blog Traffic

Now, you know how  Group A blogs were able to get an average of 68.33K monthly traffic. Before you comment below. Keep this in mind:

  • Top performing blog posts have been found to be long form.
  • Don’t Ignore Social media in your promotion strategy.
  • Remember, you are in the business of building relationship (Backlinks)
  • Never rely only on Search Engine for your traffic. Think about your subscribers lists and Traffic from Direct visits.

With this how to increase your blog traffic post. You are set to get more readers for your blog. Find the link to the spreadsheet here. Here is a complete list of Free blogging tools to super-charge your blogging journey.

Sharing is Caring!. Let’s spread the word. Share with your audience.

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