Blogging Blues: Getting Back On Track For The Nigerian Blogger

Life happens and we loss focus. We allow our passion to fade away – it happens even to the best bloggers. It happens, it’s part of life. Don’t beat yourself up. But, the magic is getting back on track with your blogging. That’s what top bloggers do – they pick themselves up from their blogging blues and get back into the game.

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samsteve thinking.

Why did I start this blog post? It’s being over eight months I last up-dated the site. Is it because I don’t have anything to say again or was I’m just a fluke? You know like a flash in the pan.

Far from it. This is what gives me joy – putting my thoughts and knowledge in writing – and sharing them. I feel invigorated. I feel excited doing it. There’s joy from sitting in front of my laptop and creating something that resonates with others.

Then why did you stop? Why haven’t you published a post yet since 28th of December 2016? Did you lose your passion for writing?

Far from it – I’ve been writing and publishing on other platforms. I have started sharing my thoughts in some Facebook groups-here and here, I have started publishing my thoughts on my Linkedin profile, I have even published on Medium, Ezine articles. I write every day.


I neglected my platform.

Blogging Blues: Exploring My Thoughts

I feel I need to publish high-quality valuable contents. Off  course you should and never stop nor take your eyes from that fact.

I think I’m not qualified to talk about what I set out to talk about in the first place. Aha… there … there you have it. Now it’s out in the open.

You feel like an impostor.


Like one day all these charade will be washed off and people will see you for what you truly are, right?


So, this feeling, somehow found a way to keep you immobilized and you can’t bring yourself to write again?


It feels so intimidating standing here in the open and trying to draw attention to myself – but, honestly I LOVE the attention, I want people to listen to what I have to say. I honestly want to share my opinion.

This blog was started to serve two purposes:

Firstly, to provide a high-quality valuable resources to individuals seeking knowledge on how to make money online. The idea was to share my journey, case studies, and relevant information that will add value to my readers.

Secondly, to serve as a platform to showcase my expertise.

Why did you stop doing it?

I have just told you. I feel I’m not qualified to be talking about what I set out to talk about. When I look at the experts in the industry and what they’re doing, I feel so inadequate.

Do you still want to do this?

Yes. I’m 100 percent certain I still want to do this. Honestly, I’m in this for the long haul. I don’t see myself leaving this IM field anything soon. It’s like finding my purpose.

Don’t You Think, It’s Time To Re-evaluate the scope of the Blog?

I’ve been thinking along that line for some time now. The Nigerian Blogger is faced with diverse issues – there’s the technical aspect to deal with – SEO, social media, getting traffic, etc, there’s the peculiar challenge as a Nigerian blogger to deal with – and the psychological aspect as well. I want to talk about all these. I don’t feel I should be restricted to only the technical aspect.

This is it. This is what I’m going to do going forward! I will expand the scope of the blog. And talk about every aspect of being a blogger in Nigeria. This is my ticket to getting back on track!

Alright, now we’ve got those out of the way. It’s time to get down and do the hard work. Remember it’s about being consistent.

Getting Back on Track: The Commitment

You need to make a public promise here and now. You need to tell your readers how often they will be hearing from you. You have got to dig in now and make this work.

No more excuses, this is what you want to do. You don’t have any excuse not to make this work. Get to work now.


I Sam Steve do hereby promise to make at the minimum one thoughtful, insightful post every day on this blog. I shall hold myself accountable to do this. Whether I feel like it or not, whether I feel tired or not. I shall post one article here every day. So help me God

So there it is. A promise to myself, a promise to my readers. It’s in the open now and If I be a man of integrity I must endeavor to live up to my word.

I have set a task for myself. This is me getting back on track, and I need your help dear reader. Your comments will go a long way in brightening my day and keep me writing. But, whether there’s a comment or not, I KEEP WRITING.

Thank you all for your time. Let’s do this guys!

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