Why I started BloggingMy name is Sam Steve, a Physics graduate. Somewhere, somehow, I abandoned the science lab to get my hands “dirty” on the internet.


I am just your regular guy who accidentally stumbled on to internet marketing while doing random stuffs on the net.

I decided to spend time understanding this new ‘thing’ and got hooked. I was fascinated by this new world that I knew at that precise moment, this is what I would be doing for a very long time.

Since then, I take a daily dose of my internet fix to function properly!


I set out to understand the nuances of this new turf.

Through sleepless nights and long days in front of the computer, I studied.Started blogging late night

But, something was missing!

Remembering the words of Kaushik Avinash ” To become an analytics ninja, you need to get your hands dirty..”

I knew I needed practice. Having that at the back of my mind, I began to research on how to put into use what I have been learning.



Then it hit me!

Why not leverage your skills and what you have learnt to;

  • Produce contents that document your journey

This is how the idea for the blog came about.

My goal is to produce high quality contents that is relevant and addresses the pain points of Nigerian bloggers, internet marketers and anyone considering to make money from the internet.

I don’t claim to know it all, but I’m willing to learn, experiment, and share every insight gained with you for free.


I am not re-inventing the wheel.

There’re successful blogs in different niches out there. Mine is to study those websites, understand what made them successful, implement it here, and publish so you can learn.


Every month, I will publish detailed report of the exact steps I took.

The report shall include metrics like:

  • Traffic Statistics.
  • Social Media growth.
  • Number of email signups.

And when I start making money, the income report.


Honestly, I don’t know.


It is this uncertainty that pushes me out of my comfort zone to prepare, reach out when necessary in order to increase the odds in my favor.

I feel excited about this journey. This could be the most exciting adventure I have undertaken so far. The opportunity to do and become who I always wanted to be while at the same time helping people like you succeed in your own journey.


What do you think about this?

Is there something you think I should be doing to make this a success?

If you want to help me and to show appreciation. Please take one second and share them

  • With your friends on social media.
  • Write about them on your blog.
  • Send to your email subscribers
  • Comment on our blog posts.

Thank you for your time and see you at the top!