The Ultimate Free Blogging Tools [Updated:2018]

You have designed and hosted your blog.

It’s time to start churning out those audience captivating contents.


There are so much work jostling for your attention.

How do you keep track of your schedule?

How do you let you readers discover your posts?

What tools do you need to start building your email list?

How do you organize your contents?

And the questions goes on and on.


You may have heard of some tools, but you’re skeptical about their usefulness.

Don’t worry.

Listed below is a list of free blogging tools used by expert bloggers.


Let’s not waste time anymore. Dive in and have a feast!

Table of contents

1. Research Tools

2. Content Creation and Curation Tools

3. Content Promotion and Management Tools

4. Content Analytics and Measuring Tools

5. Technical Tools

6.  Website Security Tools


Remember the saying,”Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”?
Use the tools listed below to gain insight about your readers and competition.


Google Adword Keyword Planner:

 Google Keyword planner |
Google Keyword Planner

Aha! from the stables of Google comes this free keyword research tool.

This tool was developed with Adword advertisers in mind. But, you can get great keyword ideas from it.
It is completely free and can be used by anyone and everyone.

Here’s what google had to say about the tool,

“Keyword Planner is a free AdWords tool for new or experienced advertisers. It’s like a workshop for building new Search Network campaigns or expanding existing ones.

You can;

  • Search for keyword and ad group ideas,
  • See how a list of keywords might perform,
  • And even create a new keyword list by multiplying several lists of keywords together…”

Although with a catch.

You must have a google account.

But, who doesn’t?

Create an Adword account.

Click the tools tab. On the drop-down click the google keyword planner and get yourself real keyword ideas.

Pros: It is Free.

Unlimited Keyword suggestions.
Cons:It has become slightly inaccurate recently.

WordStream Free Keyword Tool:

Wordstream free keyword tool
WordStream Keyword tool

Well, branded as a superior alternative to Keyword planner.

The tool provides actionable sweet long-tailed keywords, you can use in an instant.

Pros:Unlimited long tail keywords suggestion.

Exportable features.

Categorizes the keywords into niches.

Shows relative search frequency of each keyword.

Cons:Limited to 30 searches per keyword.

You must be a subscriber to access ;

the Estimated Google search volume,

Estimated monthly search volume,

and Competition in Google for each of the suggested keywords.

Google Keyword Suggestion:

Do you wish to find exact phrases.

You imagined how easier your keyword research task would become.

I have  good news for you, friend!

Google has the answer.

Yes, you heard  me right.
Google’s keyword suggestion tool, is the tool you need to uncover related terms.

It is completely Free!
Can your life get easier than this?
Isn’t this why we love Google

You can find the related search terms below your search results.


Rankbrain free Keyword tool
RankBrain Keyword tool

I love this tool. Do you know why?
I’m not gonna tell ya.*laugh*
Just kidding.

The Geo-location feature killed it for me
This means,you

optimize your website with keywords, people in your location are actually using.


Unlike RankBrain that has a geo-location targeting feature, Ubersuggest comes short on this.


It made up for it with neat presentation and sorting of keywords into alphabetical order.

A google trend feature, average monthly search volume and an exportable feature.

It is a great addition to the keyword research toolkit.

Pros: Alphabetically arranged keywords.

Exportable feature.

Deeper insight on keywords.

Average monthly search volume.

Cons: No specific geo-targeting feature

Do you fancy a tool that integrates several search engines on one dashboard?

Keywordtools provides this and more. Its Google, Youtube, Bing  tabs allow you to research keywords from one spot.With over 750+ geo-targeted keywords suggestions. An export keyword feature.

This is a must have tool for keyword research campaigns.


Keyword shitter free tool
Keyword Shitter

As the name suggests, this is real keyword shitter.

Ugly, but gets the job done.
For thousands of long tail keyword ideas, this tool gets the *shit* done.
No dallying.
No fancy interfaces.
It dives headlong into the task of shitting out long tail keywords for you.


This is a great tool if one is a subscriber to the paid plans. As a free users  you can’t access most of the features.

But, it’s usefulness is in checking out websites ranking for keywords you’re interested in. And the difficulties in out ranking them.

A great tool. With all the features I look out for in keyword research tools.
A geo-targeting feature.

100% free.

An SERP preview feature, showing websites ranking for keywords you’re interested in.
Cons: Has a limit of 3 searches for a related keyword.


SEO Power Suite:

SEO Powersuite | 4 in one SEO Software
SEO PowerSuite

A suite of SEO softwares that will make your life easier. From Link analysis to rank tracking to

content optimization and website auditing. SEO powersuite has it all.
And the best part
You can use the free edition as long as you want.


you have to download it.


No doubt one of the best tools out there for so many things, from site analysis to keyword research. An 8-in-1 tool.

You must register and fill your card details before you can have access to the dashboard.

Though, there’s a 2 week Free trial period.

Pros: Have to register and fill card details.
Limited free trial period.


A web based competition analysis tool. Has a feature that allows you compare your site with your competition. Provides a quick view of where your traffic is coming from compared to your competition.

Screaming Frog:

Screaming frog logo|
Screaming Frog

Fire up this tool on your desktop.  Make sure the mode is set to Spider.

Plug in the site you want to spy on. And click start.

Screaming Frog will crawl and return all the pages on the site.

You can analyze each of the pages. Check keywords the site is targeting. See sites linking to it and ones it is linking to.

Use the insights to optimize your website.



Do you know that is an untapped mine for blog ideas?

Choose the discussion board in you niche. Listen to the questions people are asking. You will uncover ideas for your next blog post.

Hubspot Blog Topic Generator:

Type in the keywords you want to write about.

Sit back.

And watch this tool suggest one week worth of blogging ideas.

“A question and answer site, where questions are asked, answered, edited and organized by its community of users” -Wikipedia. Like, let the questions and answers inspire you to write posts about what people are talking about.

If you don’t mind the mystic man picking his nose and all those quirky behavior.Answerthepublic is a great tool for blog idea generation.A beautiful visualization interface lets you see different blog ideas in a flash.The alphabetical arrangement of the data makes it super easy to use.

CONS: One downside to this tool is, its Geo-targeting feature is limited handful of countries.

It is a great tool to use never the less.


1. Emotional Marketing Headline Analyzer: I love this tools! And I don’t know why.

And you should, even without reason.

Use EMV headline analyzer to improve your headline. Let this tool help you create headlines that resonates with your readers.

You will be glad you did.

2. Coschedule Headline Analyzer:

If you’re faint-hearted. If you don’t have stomach for ruthless  critique. Don’t use this tool.
If you like me, want to put out a high quality headline that;
i. Resonates with your readers.
ii. Generates strong emotional responses from your audience
iii. Leads to “plenty”Clicks and social shares


This tool is for you. An unsmiling taskmaster in headline analysis that will put smile on your face.



A news aggregator. It compiles news feed from various online sources for the user to customize and share with others.- wiki.

Use this tool to discover what people in your niche is talking about.



This is a boutique of web based SEO tools. It is 100% free!

Use the plagiarism checker to learn how unique your content is.


1.Hemingway Editor: Do you want your writing to be,

  • Short,
  • Concise,
  • Bold,
  • Direct?

Then, Hemingway editor is the tool for you.

The tool aims to improve your writing through;

  • Prompting you to write shorter sentences,
  • Use active instead of passive voice and use fewer adverbs.

Grammarly: You want to write better, right?

If you find an easier way to write better you will go for it.


If your answer is YES.

Look no further because Grammarly has you covered.

Create a free account on the site.

Upload the document you want to “make better”( document must be   saved as a .txt or docx file)

Sit back,



Watch Grammarly turn your content to a master piece.

Grammar Checker: You don’t want to go through the hassle of     signing up to any account.

You’re pressed for time and need a quick grammar  check for your   contents.

GrammarChecker is the tool for the job.

Spell Checker: We all have had embarrassing moments when we needed help with spelling.

It doesn’t have to be embarrassing any more.

With Spellchecker, spelling becomes a piece of cake.

Capitalize My Title:

“Do I need this?” You may wonder.


You find yourself wondering if you should capitalize the middle word of your title or not .

In such situations, Capitalize My Title comes in handy.


Social Media Creatives:

social media Creative |
SocialMedia Creatives

I bet you haven’t heard of this tool.

With this tool you can design all your social media graphics from one dashboard.

The tool automatically resizes your design to fit different social media platforms

The best part?

It’s FREE!
Canva: Creating designs is hard.

It is harder if you don’t know jack about designs.

Yet as a blogger you need to create countless designs for your;

  • Blog posts,
  • Social accounts,
  • Marketing campaigns

And what not. How do you cope?
How can you create a design fast and easy?Here’s where Canva comes in.

A web based design platform with everything you need to create those stunner designs.
Smart Mockup:

Free Picture Mockup tool

A free tool to create mock up pictures. You can download the high resolution pictures without paying a kobo.

Quickmeme: Don’t we love memes? Create memes to spice up your contents

Resize.It: What photo do you want to resize today?

Don’t sweat it.

Simply go to,

Upload the photo you want to resize

Key in your desired dimensions

Click OK
It’s done.


Video contents are the rave of the moment.

Create engaging animation for your audience and they will love you for that.

Powtoon: Use this tool to create animated slides. You can add a voice-over explaining your product/service or use the

cool musics already on the platform.

Bear in mind that the outro is a powtoon ad.

Showbox: A cloud-based video creation platform, solving the greatest brand marketing challenge with a simple, scalable and lucrative solution.


How do you get your contents out?

Use these tools below to promote and distribute your contents.

Linda Ikeji With over 100k monthly visits. 82.7%    of this visits from Nigeria and an Alexa ranking of 127.

LIS (as popularly known) is a tool you should take serious in your content promotion strategy in 2017.

Nairaland: The largest forum in Africa.

With Over 1.5 million registered members, a monthly average  visits of over 30 million.

You can’t go wrong promoting your blog here.

Facebook: Who doesn’t know Facebook?

Although, promoting blogs on Facebook is becoming increasingly    expensive. There are still features you can take advantage of. Such as;
Share with Friends,

Joining groups of interest,

to promote your blog.

Twitter: This tool lends itself to creating a buzz.

Use this tool to get more eye balls to your content by leveraging popular hash tags in your twits.


Buffer: There’s a lot to be done in a day.

  • There’re twits to be scheduled.
  • Mentions to respond to
  • lots of other tasks waiting.

The worst part.

There seems to be no enough time to do all this!

Don’t fret

Breathe in…

Now, there is a tool you can use to track all your activities.



Use buffer to schedule and organize your social media campaign.


” The money is in the List”.



Don’t let the humorous cap wearing chimp logo deceive you. It’s all business when it comes to;

Sending emails,

Collecting data,

Performance analysis with mail chimp.

Some of the features of the tool include;

  • Unlimited free plan.
  • Up to 2000 contacts and 12,000 emails per month.
  • Easy to setup and use.


You have selected your email marketing software.

What is next?

Get people to sign-up to your newsletter.


Use the the free opt-in tools listed below.

HelloBar: Ramit Sethi, Tammy Camp, Andrew Warner, and DIYthemes can’t all be wrong.

What do these expert bloggers have in common?

You guessed it.

Hello Bar.

It is an incredible tool to grow your email list, and it is FREE

Dreamgrow Scroll Trigered Box: You have been on  websites where certain actions like:

  • Hovering over the close button
  • Scrolling down

Triggers a pop-up to appear.

And you wonder, how does these guys do it?

The Answer is, Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box.

It is a WordPress plugin designed to solicit emails or anything else you may want from your engaged visitors.

Comments redirects: Use this plugin to engage more with first commenters on your blog.

When someone comments on your blog for the first time. It redirects them to a page where you can choose to do the following:

  • Thank them for commenting,
  • Ask them to subscribe to your email list
  • Ask them to like you on Facebook, follow you on twitter

You get the drift now?

There’s no limit to what you can do with the page.

The aim?

To engage more with your visitors.

List Builder:

Free ListBuilder plugin

Increase your email subscription with this simple pop-up plugin.

You can add an email sign up form to any page using this plugin with ease.

Configure it to appear after a period of time. Or as visitors are exiting your site using exiting intents.

Customize and integrate it with Mail chimp with ease.


WordPress Landing Page: Are you struggling to find the right landing page generator for your blog?

WordPress landing page with over 20K installs is the answer.

It features:

  •  An A/B testing feature to you see which version converts better.
  • Clone existing landing pages with ease.
  • Use your WordPress theme or choose from the library of custom landing page designs.


In a world driven by data. It is important to:

  • Measure content performance
  • Track KPIs
  • Iterate where necessary.

These free tools below provide actionable audience insights for content creation.

Google Analytics:

Free blogging tools

This is a no-brainer. Take advantage of this free  tool to gain insight on the behavior of your site visitors such as:

  •  What content(s) they engage with while on your site.
  •  What device they access your site from.

Which website referred them to yours.

Use this insight to optimize your contents for greater engagement with your readers.

BuzzSumo:buzzsumo free blogging analytics tool

You want to create contents people love.

How do you find such contents fast and with ease?


Use this free tool to:

  •  Find popular contents on any topic.
  • Find the top performing domains on any topic.
  • Total shares on social media.

And the best part

It has a Geo-location feature that you can use to discover contents in your locality.



For a quick website analysis these tools listed below comes in handy

Hubspot Website grader:hubspot free website grader

Do you want a quick analysis of your website?

Hubspot’s award winning free website grader will show you what need fixing in your website within seconds.

Screaming Frog: Do You want to uncover if your H tags are correctly placed?

To know if your meta description is of the perfect length?

To find out which of the images is missing an alt text?

There’s so much you can do with this tool.

Use it to discover and correct on-site issues.

SEO PowerSuite: This is one of the top 3 best all-in-one SEO package in the market today. You can do all your SEO work using with this suite of tools. From Keyword Research to Competition analysis. From On-site auditing to Back-linking and even social media management.

SEO PowerSuite got it all covered.


SmallSEOTools: Use the keyword rank checker to track your website’s rank for keywords you care about.

You can check up to five keywords at a time.

RANK TRACKER (SEO POWERSUITE): Fire up the Rank tracker tool on your desktop. you will be prompted to enter the url you want to track.

  • Enter the keywords you’re tracking.

Connect your Google Adwords and Analytics

A report of your ranking history will be generated.


No bull-shitting.

Your blog’s speed can make or mar you. In fact, according to Google, it is one of the important ranking factors they  use to rank websites.

Do you know how fast your website loads?

To find out use these free blogging tools  below.

PageSpeed Insights:page speed insight logo

Google provides a free speed testing tool that scores your site performance out of 100.

Use it to test your site’s speed performance for both mobile and desktop.

It also suggests issues that needs fixing.  And goes a step further to list resources on your website that need to be fixed.

GTmetrix: This tool offers a hybrid of Page Speed and Yslow reports. GTmetrix gives  actionable recommendations on how to speed up your site load time.

It is Free.

Supports Location based testing.

Allows you to compare your result with up to four other sites.


Why should you worry about your blog’s security?

You think you’re an unknown. You have not offended anyone. Think again!

This is a jungle, dangerous predators are on the prowl.

Don’t leave your security to chance. Don’t take anything for granted.

Use this tools to reduce the risk of security breach or getting hacked.

Akismet: We all have to deal with spam. With Over 1 million installs, site owners trust Akismet to protect their websites from comment and Contact form Spams.

Use this plugin to filter comments on your blog.

Wordfence: One of the most popular wordpress plugin.

  • It scans your website for malware.
  • Helps you track malicious IPs and block them
  • Offers a login attempt limits.

Phew! We have covered a lot of grounds here. Alright hit me up with your comments. What others tools do you use that’s not listed here.


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