How to Find a Professional Freelance Writer for your Small Business

Why a professional freelance writer for your small business is what you need to 10X  your content marketing efforts.

The 21st-century marketplace requires as a small business owner that you become adept at producing compelling content for your company or better still have a team of writers to handle the creation of your marketing material.

This need is non-negotiable if you must succeed, grow your company or even make a name for yourself in business.

The thing is, your customers have become savvier, they require businesses to woo them and not just shove their products or services down their throat.

So, to attain your business goals; you must warm up to your target customers. You must demonstrate over and over again your expertise and you must do so in a fun, entertaining, and educative manner to win them over.

Here’s where content marketing comes in.

The reality is, content marketing is the new rule; and if you’re not doing it already, you are missing out on the cheapest and proven marketing strategy of the 21st-century.

Why you should consider content marketing for your small business

Now, you might be wondering, why should I implement a content marketing strategy for my small business?

First, content marketing positions your business as an authority which is essential in building clients’ confidence in your business.

Secondly, through content marketing, you’re able to nurture warm relationships with your customers long before they ever approach you for business.

Finally, it is one of the relatively cheaper marketing strategies you can implement and still receive an insane ROI.

However, the truth is, content marketing is not all about roses. You must be ready to grind – churning out awesome content after content to feed your marketing machine.

Not only that, you must also, have the ability to communicate effectively your expertise with your customers.

Now, that’s where everything becomes a tad tricky; being an expert in a particular niche doesn’t immediately qualify you for the delicate task of communicating with potential clients especially in a way that makes them want to stay with you or approach you for business – that alone requires an excellent grasp of language and the fine art of persuasive writing.

Marketing your services or products successfully requires lots of expertise in your fields which I believe you already have; it also, however, require the fine art of writing.

Sure, the written content is not the only way to present your business to clients – videos, images, audios etc., are other forms of content you can produce.

But written content remains the most popular, easy to create, and the most consumed content form by customers.

This means creating top-notch, error-free posts is essential to the success of your content marketing efforts.

So, If you are are not too confident about your writing skills; doesn’t have the time, or can’t be bothered about writing then you need a professional freelance writer on your team to handle all your writing needs; thankfully, hiring a freelance writer wouldn’t cost you a fortune too.

Below are a few solid reasons why your small business will benefit from a good content writer.

Why you should hire a Freelance writer for your small business

You can’t do it all

Like most big companies today, you probably should start delegating some of your tasks to freelancers especially complicated and sensitive ones like content marketing.

Content marketing is broad with many moving parts; at the same time changing at the same pace as technology;
this makes it quite challenging to keep up with the constant trends in content marketing and still keep track of your business growth all from the same base.

While giving out tasks to freelancers understandably comes with some sort of risks, its pecks are often worth more, especially if you could find a professional freelance writer.

For most small business owners, the challenge is finding a reliable freelance writer to work with; so to help you navigate through this task, I have shared with you some pointers to guide you as you begin your search for writers, or you can get in touch with me today to discuss your needs.

Bear in mind, however, this is especially true,  for new small businesses, a one-man enterprise, and early startups it becomes extremely tasking juggling both the task of delivering high-quality services to your clients and creating detailed, valuable, and impactful content for your audience on a daily.

Hence, the need to delegate the writing to proficient freelance writers thereby freeing up your time to focus on the core activities of your business.

Bad writing looks unprofessional

Lousy writing is quite unprofessional and often, presents your business in a bad light to your prospective clients.
When it comes to content marketing, writing is the best and safest avenue to educate your clients and gain their trust.

However the sword cuts both ways – poorly written content is a huge turn off for most readers.

Sure, you can capture people’s attention with good headlines, but a lousy copy filled with grammatical errors and inappropriate placement of words will only make your business look unprofessional in the eyes of readers, which is bad business for you.

Content marketing aside being critical, is quite delicate in nature and a little grammatical mistake can have a great rippling effect on your business in a very negative manner.

To avoid that, you’ll need the help of a professional writer. A professional freelance writer will ensure your copies turn out in great shape with minimal grammatical errors by devoting significant time to the task than you’d ever devote – of course, their reputation is at stake here.

Skilled writers are great timesavers

While you may feel you could write a great copy for your business, you probably will want to consider the amount of time and energy you’d commit to the process.

When it comes to writing a great copy, time is everything – You need the time to sit, time to think and come up with ideas, time for research, time to draft ideas, time to write and edit and time for everything else.

If you don’t have much time on your plate or have more pressing issues, it’s only natural that you hire a professional writer.

Skilled writers are great timesavers hiring one will ensure your focus and energy is devoted to other equally essential activities of your business thereby helping you get more done.

You may not keep up with the requirement for a consistent flow of original ideas and publishing content marketing requires

The originality of your content matters a lot. Duplicate content thankfully can be easily detected and punishable especially in search engine rankings; not to mention the resulting negative impact plagiarized content could have on your brand perception.

A savvy freelance writer understands the importance of delivering only 100% unique articles to you. Hence, they’d go out of their way to express ideas and words in ways that are original to you.

This, in turn, boosts your reputation as an authority in your market while also leading to the top ranking on search engines.

You need to know how to create persuasive content

It’s essential as you implement your content marketing strategy to develop a diverse array of content. Incorporate writing styles that are educative, entertaining, and persuasive.

And of course, each piece of content you produce should tie back to your end goal which could be to showcase your expertise, generate leads for your business, or even to show the human side of your company.

Outsourcing your content needs to a skilled writer ensures you can easily serve your audience with the right content also another trademark of a professional freelancer is that they can make even the most boring topic interesting and quite persuasive which in turn will lead to more engagements from potential clients.

Professional writers know how to produce content that gets results

Piggytailing on the last point, professional writers are masters in the art of writing compelling copies.

Their copies can persuade, convince and at the same time provide useful information to clients without making a copy sound sale-sy; which is often a huge turn off for most buyers.

You pay more to hire an agency writer than when you hire a freelance writer

Freelance writers are your best option if you’re tight on budget and still want a good copy. Though most agency writers may accept to work with you, the odds are they wouldn’t devote as much time and effort to your project as they would for their high paying clients.

This is often not the case for freelance writers as they know their business relies on their reputation and the quality of work they produce.

As a solopreneur, the professional freelance writer will always devote more time and effort to ensure your copies turn out great even at a much lower price.

Business benefits of hiring a professional writer for your company blog

Swift and prompt delivery

To effectively inform, educate and entertain your audience with timely content you need to maintain a predictable regular time to share with your readers.

And most times, you are going to be hard-pressed for time, may miss some publishing deadlines, and even forget what it is you’re supposed to be blogging about.

However, a professional freelance writer can turn-in great copies swifter and deliver them in ready-to-post formats that help you save time and also ensure you’re on top of your content marketing game.

It affords you to be more flexible

When you hire a good writer, your business becomes more flexible. Instead of sitting down to come up with ideas, research, draft, write and edit, you can use such hours for more pressing needs or even take a break from the day’s task.

You get the benefits of a  second perspective

Remember, two heads are better than one. Freelance writers not only create copies for your business, they also offer valuable tips you can implement in your business.

Their opinions about your audience behavior, what kind of content to produce, and which marketing channels are ideal for your business can go a long way in ensuring you achieve your set business goals.

You’re able to hire additional experts without the added overhead cost

The beauty of hiring a freelance writer is the cost-effectiveness of the whole process; you get to work with a professional without any added overhead costs. No employee benefits, no paid leave, no dental insurance.

You only spend money for actual services rendered.

When should you hire a freelance writer?

The question of timing is everything in business and in life generally. As a business owner you know this, that’s why you’re wondering when is the right time to hire a freelance writer for your company’s content marketing campaigns.

The answer is NOW.

Even if you already have an in-house writer, chances are s/he is overwhelmed and overworked with the sheer amount of work that needs to be done.

So, it doesn’t hurt to bring in a freelancer that can complement your staff.

Whether you’re just starting out or an established business, as your marketing needs increase, the demand for more hands also grows; hence the question of when you should bring in more writers to your team depends on the growing needs of your business.

How to hire a professional writer for your business blog

Now you’ve decided to hire a freelance writer for your business, for most small business owners at this stage, hiring a professional writer becomes a game of chance.

They’d throw in the net with the hope of catching rockstar content writers. Unfortunately, they’re most often than not, disappointed.

So, how do you ensure you hire the skilled writers that are the best fit for your company?

First, it is worth noting that, there are several online platforms you can easily hire a freelance writer. One of such popular places is the freelance marketplaces.

Freelancers including writers are known to advertise their businesses here. However, you must exercise some caution when searching for freelancers to hire.

As a rule of thumb, writers with lots of good reviews are your safest bet. This, however, does not mean that you shouldn’t try out writers with little or no reviews as they could be new on the platform, hence without chalking up reviews yet.

It’s also, a great way to discover and develop a long-term relationship with excellent writers. An additional bonus with this strategy is that you get to work with freelancers eager to build up their portfolio and they may even be willing to take on the project at a discounted rate.

However, keep in mind that hiring writers will little or no reviews comes with certain risks such as the inability of the writer to meet up with your expectations or even delay in delivery.

Top sites to hire the best freelance writers

Finding a freelance writer is no longer as hard as it used to be, thanks to the internet. You can now find great writers with just a click.
There are lots of sites which provide a platform for business owners like you to meet with professional writers.
Below are some of the top sites you can visit to hire writer:


Freelance writing gigs

Demand Medi

Copyblogger Job Board

How to write the best job description to land talented freelance writers

The project description you put out could go a long way in determining whether you attract expert experience content writers or novices; hence it is, essential to pay close attention to the structure, information, details, wordings of the job notice.

So before you ever ask for proposals from writers be sure you have a clear understanding of what services you need since this will inform your word choice, and how detailed you would need to be.

The content writer job description should answer the following questions:

  • Provide information about your company – the niche you’re into; what you do; and an overview of what those you serve.
  • Your budget – that way only writers willing to work within the stipulated price point will get in touch.
  • Duration of the project – specify whether it’s a one-off gig or an ongoing project.
  • What you expect from the would-be content writer – the expertise you expect, experience and any other special attributes you require.
  • Your description may also include information about the content structure – do you want it to be conversational or formal? Give them more details about the tone and pronoun type to use.
  • Finally, the job description should include the goal – what you aim to achieve – is the project about writing web copy for your company website? Is a product review gig or perhaps regular blog posts and articles?

The bottom line is that your job description for a freelance writer should contain enough information that it becomes easier for writers to decide whether they want to work with you or not.

Mistakes to avoid when hiring your freelance writer

Not being specific about your Niche

While most writers can write content across a broad range of niches and topics there are others who are specialized in only a few fields.

Hence, when you clearly state your niche in the job description, you attract only writers knowledgeable in that field. Thus, saving yourself the stress of reading through too many profiles from unqualified writers.

Not asking for samples

Asking for evidence of previous work from the prospective writer enables to determine whether they’re the best fit for your company.

It also affords you the opportunity to decide whether you like their writing style, tone, and personality or not. The samples are also a clear evidence of their expertise and experience.

The fact is, most writers will gladly provide you with samples of their previous works or give you links pointing to their published works if they are confident about their writing skills.

Ignoring Grammar or Spelling Mistakes

Freelance marketplace such as Fiverr allows freelancers like content writers to introduce themselves to potential clients like you through their service descriptions and a brief bio.

You should pay special attention to these areas. If you observe lots of grammatical errors or strange word placement in sentences in a writer’s profile, it’s a clear indication that the freelancer is either lazy doesn’t pay attention to details or simply lacks a good grasp of the English language. You should stay away.

Working with your new freelance writer

So, you have hired your first freelance content writer. Congratulations on taking this giant step to grow your business.

Now there are some ‘things’ you may want to know as you set out working with your freelancer.

At the top is, you must be able to communicate clearly and effectively with the writer. Explain upfront your expectations and what you aim to achieve while also listening as they share their opinion about the project.

Give room for a period of adjustment and getting used to working with each other. This requires loads of patience as the writer learns about your business, your brand tone, and about your audience.

Finally, once you provide all the necessary details the freelancer need to work with, give them space to actually do the work.


As a business owner looking forward to growing your business through content marketing, hiring a freelance content writer ensures you’re on top your content marketing campaigns while you focus all your energy on your core services.

Get in touch with me today so we can discuss your content marketing needs. Shoot me an email or chat me up on Messenger

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