Linda Ikeji Social: 4 Hot Reasons to Sign-up Now

Why you should join Linda Ikeji Social.

The media frenzy is over. Everyone has returned to their shell.

It’s business as usual.

Is it?

Something has changed. There’s a shift in the consciousness about females in the Nigerian tech sphere.

Something unusual has happened.

On the first of November, we woke to the launch of a brand new social media platform by

wait for it;

Linda Ikeji!

The famous Nigerian blogger,she has taken on an audacious task of creating a social platform that merges the features of giant brands like Facebook, Ebay and her well known blog.

Some are skeptical,

The Prophets of doom; “she will fail”

Her admirers praising her to high heavens.

No matter the category you fall in, take a moment and go through the four hot reasons why you should take Linda Ikeji Social (LIS) serious.


Image of white mac pro elements of digital marketing

Whether you  are selling your own product or an employee seeking to generate leads for your company the Deals feature on Linda Ikeji Social gives you the power to do that.

This is a powerful tool.

Why? you may ask.

Is it any different from other online market place?

Here’s what sets it apart and you should consider using it as part of the channels to market your products.

  • You are sure of getting thousands of eye balls to your products.
  • It is FREE to place deals which is better than most platforms out there.
  • According to Alexa 84.8% of visits are from Nigeria which is good for small businesses to target.
  • With over 50,000 users in the first 48 hours after launch. An Alexa ranking of 191 in Nigeria. Linda Ikeji Social is going viral. And you don’t want to miss this wave.


Image showing Social Media Icons
Social media courtesy: targetmarketingmag


You know how to create, build and manage large online communities.

You have large follower-ship on social media.


You would love to take home bigger pay-checks. Linda Ikeji Social has something for you.

Create a fan page, build it up to at least 50,000 thousand followers.

That shouldn’t be difficult for you, right?


Go home and sleep.

You have just built a money making machine for yourself.

LIS will place ads on your page. For every ad placed, you get 20% commission  of the value of ad.

Which other platform offers you such opportunity?


Image of keyboard with a Yellow Traffic Button
Traffic keyboard | Image courtesy of Seoclerk

You need traffic to your website , right?

Do you know, LIS can be a great source of traffic for your blog?


Stay active on the forums; comment on topics, drop relevant links and watch as LIS refers traffic to your blog.

Thank God the links are dofollow! So search engines can index them.


You have a smartphone.

Everyday, you come across news-worthy events and you ignore them.

This is about to change.

Do you know you can get paid for been the first to report such events?

  • Record news worthy events
  • Be the first to submit it to Linda Ikeji Social.
  • Get the news verified.
  • Rinse and re-use

Relax and watch your bank account grow.

Linda Ikeji has a created a win-win platform. We win and she wins.

What do you think?

Are you on LIS already? What’s your reason for signing up let me know on the comment box below.

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