Why Blog? 5 Compelling Reasons to Start A Blog for your Small Business

Start a blog for your small business today as part of your content marketing strategy to grow your business. 


Today’s marketing landscape is shifting; your customers are wiser, thanks to the internet and the proliferation of content on the web; with just a tap or click of the button all the information they need comes up on their screen.


It is now a matter of survival for your business to show up whenever these customers search online for services or products related to what you do.


However, most small business owners just like you are stumped on what to do. They’re lost on the next step to take and they often wonder if it’s possible to crack the online marketing code.


So, what’s the best way to learn what to do and not to do, what’s working, and the tools to use than to take a peek at those crushing their online marketing efforts?


Take a moment right now, and search for say “content marketing in Nigeria” what do you notice? Now do the same with say, a term that relates to your industry and niche. What do you notice again?


Pick another two niches and search on Google also. You should start seeing a trend emerge right now.


Do you see it?


Don’t worry if you don’t.


Almost, all the top ten websites that come up for each of those search terms have one thing in common.


A blog.


These businesses didn’t just set up a website, they went above and beyond to have a content management system installed on their site that allows them to post valuable information; share their insights, build authority, and of course, stay top of the mind.


So you see, it’s not just enough to have a static website. You need a business blog.

But first, what exactly is a blog?

A Blog essentially is a weblog. It’s like a diary – a web-based diary and like your diary, a blog needs to be updated regularly.


A Blog is similar to the website, however; while a website is mostly made of pages that are seldom updated like the About Us page, contact us page and so on.


A blog, on the other hand, is rich in content. These content (articles, videos, images, gifs etc) are not only targeted at the audience to make sales, they are typically created to entertain and educate the readers.

For instance, a fashion business might have a static website. This website will only showcase the latest fashion items made by the business and probably integrates a shopping cart that allows users purchase items off the website.


This often is very cold and impersonal. It does not provide any way for the business to interact with their customers; find out what these customers like or dislike or how they can improve customer satisfaction.

To get their customers more engaged with the business, this fashion house might start a fashion blog – an online journal – where they write informative content to help customers and to relate with them on a personal level.


The blog may be focused on answering customers’ questions about latest fashion trends, what to purchase for various seasons, how to sew, how to dress, how to knot a tie and so on

So you might actually consider a blog as a dynamic website that’s targeted at helping your customers find solutions to their problems.

From the above, one may easily think that a blog only helps the customers but actually, blogs also help your business. It’s a win-win both for your business and the customers you serve. So, that’s why you need to start a blog for your small business today.

Still not convinced?


Ok, here are additional reasons to start a blog for your business.


Benefits of  Blogging For Your Business 

 A blog helps drive traffic to your website

If your business has a website, it’s obvious you’ll need traffic. Lots of it. But how do gain such large number of people visiting your website?

To answer that, let’s see how people find and visit your website:

A person may visit your website by typing your web address. People who visit your website by this means obviously have a history with your business. You cannot get new visitors through this means since anyone typing your business name is already aware of its existence and furthermore this means cannot provide you with the large number visitors you’ll want for your website.

You can pay for ads and display your business on tons of websites. This will drive massive traffic to your website but will cost you a fortune. Aside from its costs, this method does not provide a solution for traffic in the long term, once your ad budget gets finished, your ads will be removed and the number of visitors will also fizzle out.

Optionally you can even buy an email list, send lots of spam messages and hope one of them get opened and get a lead to your website. This method is not only very ineffective, it’s illegal and can land you in trouble with email servers.

So how do you drive constant sustainable traffic to your business website at probably no cost at all?


A Blog, unlike a website, features lots of informative pages. Search engines crawl and index these pages regularly. So when people search using search terms you have hopefully optimized for, search engines will display your pages for them to visit.

Now the more pages a website has, the more visible it becomes to search engines and since the number of pages and useful content are very limited on a website, they are often not visible to search engines.

But blogs are different. They have numerous useful contents and receives massive traffic which you can easily channel to your business website.

Also, blog content often gets shared on social media. With over one billion users on a daily basis, social media is the second largest source of traffic to any website after the search engines.

So when your content gets shared on the various social media, your business is exposed to more people and likely more visitors.

So the first benefit of a blog to your business is massive traffic to its website. Your business blog will work closely with search engines and social media to bring in more visitors than you will ever want.

It converts the traffic into leads

A Blog can also help you convert the traffic it brings in into sales leads.

Leads often begin with a call-to-action; you may ask people to sign up for your newsletter or call for consultancy, make an appointment, or even offer them freebies in exchange for their emails. 

Lots of businesses use their blog to convert traffic into leads. You’ve probably come across this sort of traffic-to-leads conversion more times than you could remember – all the sign-ups you’ve ever done to receive a freebie: ebooks, free trial, free fact sheets etc are all strategies to convert a traffic (you) into a lead.

You can place your call-to-action on any number of places on your blog: sidebar, below each post or even within your content! Then when visitors come to your blog, they sign up to receive whatever gifts you’ve promised them and becomes a new lead for your business.

It’s way easier to offer your services to persons who have used it before since they are already familiar with you and the quality of your services. As such you’ll want to build a client database with your leads and then use this to market your services.

It helps establish you as an authority

If you can consistently provide answers to common questions asked by your leads and customers concerning a problem or needs, they will, in no time, start to see you as an expert figure in such a niche. This will build the needed trust to approach you for business since they believe you know what you’re talking about.

The blog is one of the best platforms to give voice to your business. It can easily help you differentiate yourself from other competitors in the same niche.

For instance, there are numerous competitors in the wristwatch industry, but most do not provide customers with the information they need.

Sometimes customers do get confused about the latest wristwatch trends, best watch straps to buy, colors of straps to choose, the type of watch movements to purchase and numerous other problems.

Now if they can find a watch manufacturer who can provide them with all these information and more, there’s nothing stopping them from buying wristwatches from such an expert watchmaker or even referring others to such a business owner since they believe that the business owner is an authority in the field.

The same is true for any business niche. If you can set up a blog and publish content that is helpful to your customers and leads they will be more than happy to approach you for business and even refer others to you.

It helps you build a loyal community of fans

Aside from social media marketing, a blog is the only other effective platform to build a loyal community.

If you can consistently post content on your blog that is both informative and engaging, visitors will quickly become followers of your business.

It’s that simple. 

A visitor that got value from your previous post is likely to return again and again to read more of what you have to say.

With time, they’ll begin to associate your brand with that niche – then, gradually they’ll develop trust in your expertise.

Once trust springs up, it becomes a lot easier to sell them your services.

Another thing you’d notice is that these your clients begin to share your content with their friends and networks. They’ll automatically become your evangelists spreading the message about your business.

That’s the point every business owner wants to get to including yours truly.

Remember, however, it all began with setting up a blog for your business and consistently publishing valuable content for your ideal audience.


It gives long-term results

A blog is a permanent sustainable source of massive traffic to your website. And if set up correctly, a lead generation machine that draws in qualified leads into your sales funnel day after day. 

An evergreen, well-optimized post will keep ranking high on search engine result pages after the initial work for years, thereby drawing in users to find your business.

Think of it like marketing on auto-pilot. 

As long as the internet exists and people use the search engines to look up information, then blogging for your small business will always yield a high return on investment.

Starting a blog for your business is not as hard as it may seem plus it offers lots of benefits to your business which makes it a worthwhile investment.

So if you’re looking to set yourself apart from competitors, build a strong brand, generate more leads and capture the attention of your market, a blog is all you need and it can make all the difference.

What Next?

Send me a message with me  we can discuss how I can help you set up a blog for your business.

Get in touch also, if you already have a blog integrated into your business website but doesn’t have the time or know where, to begin with your content marketing efforts.

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